We are a web design agency in Kolkata, India.

Industries we serve

Personal to professional we provide web design, web development and digital marketing services to most of the industries.

We serve following list of websites to our customers:

  • Blog Website / Personal Website
  • E-Commerce Website¬†/ Online Shopping Website
  • Portal Website / Forum Website
  • Educational Website
  • Photography Website
  • Community Website
  • Multilingual Website
  • Corporate Website / Business Website
  • Celebrity Website
  • News Website / Magazine Website
  • Portfolio Website
  • Question & Answer Website
  • Knowledgebase Website / Wiki Website
  • Social Media Website

Our creative designers, brilliant developers and digital marketing staffs make us proud to build the different type of websites.

Our work process

Because of simple and interactive work processes, we deliver the best web services to our customers globally.
Before launching a website, we pass through different work processes are shown below.

Our technology stack

Our web developers and web designers always stay up to date with modern web technologies to meet client’s requirements.

List of web design technologies we serve:

  • HTML5 – Markup language for creating web pages and applications
  • CSS3 – Stylesheet language for presentation of the document written in HTML
  • jQuery –¬† jQuery is an open source javascript library used for client-side scripting
  • JavaScript – High-level programming language used for client-side interaction
  • SVG – SVG is an XML based vector image used for animation
  • Bootstrap – Open-source front-end framework for creating web pages and applications
  • Less – Dynamic preprocessor style sheet language for modern front-end web design
  • Photoshop – An application¬†software for creating high-definition raster graphics

List of web development technologies we are working on:

  • PHP – An opensource programming language for creating rich web applications
  • MySQL – An opensource RDBMS supports the structured query language
  • Ajax – A techniques used for creating faster and interactive web application
  • WordPress – It is a free and opensource CMS framework based on PHP and MySQL
  • Drupal – It is also a free and opensource CMS framework based on PHP and MySQL
  • Joomla – An opensource CMS platform built on a Model-View-Controller architecture
  • Opencart – A free online store management system based on PHP and MySQL
  • Woocommerce – A free WordPress plugin or module used to manage an online store